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big-red-eyes approached the temple.





“…You can keep it, then.” She sighed.  Then she thought of how she could try to get the other into the temple.

“How do you move around if you can’t leave the painting?”

That’s simple. If my painting was unattached to the wall, I could drag myself..but otherwise, I just don’t move. Before i..somehow got here, I was in my painting in the gallery for..well, forever. It has to have been at least 10 years i’ve been in that one room. 

“Ah.  Living ten years in one room?  That must have been awful.  Here, I’ll help you out.”

She reached up and removed the painting from the wall.  This was tricky, since the painting was above one of the zen gardens.  But she pulled it off, and then set it down on the path.

“There you go.”

-Big Brother retreated into his painting as he was picked up, as to not set himself off-balance. As his painting was set down on the ground, canvas-down, he pushed himself out of the painting halfway, much like a hermit crab.- 


-he then grabbed the ground in front of him and dragged himself forwards.- 

Like that! 

"How interesting.  Come."

The danuki started walking towards the temple.  She was apprehensive, however, but she didn’t show it.  How did she know that the doll painting was friendly?  Sure, it had been friendly, but she didn’t know if that was its true nature or not.  She shook these feelings aside and led Big Brother inside the temple and into her room.

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